full stack developer


Hi, I'm Hannah!

I am a full stack developer with skills in html, css, ruby on rails, python and go. I'm also a really good learner and can pick up things very quickly. If you don't work in these languages I'd still love to see if we can work together.

I am community minded and love attending and speaking at meetups and conferences. Since moving to Sydney last year I've been really supported by the Sydney Women in Tech community, and am always looking for opportunities to give back.

In my previous career I was a scientist, I have a PhD in potato diseases of all things. While I still love science, it turns out I'm born to be a developer and now I spend my days writing code rather than wearing a labcoat (though I still own the coat).

When I'm not coding I can be found recording my podcast, eating brunch, drinking coffee and walking around Sydney's inner west looking for dogs to pat.

I'm a strong communicator, I love helping people and I thrive in a busy environment. If you think I'd be a good fit for your team don't hesistate to get in touch.


Caffeine Quest

An 80s style text adventure that will test your Ruby knowledge


This page you're looking at. Inception! You can see the code on GitHub.

CSS Zen Garden

My design for CSS Zen Garden


I keep a blog of my code adventure


I play with Arduinos




Coder Factory Academy

Women in Tech scholarship


She Hacks Hackathon 2016

People's Choice Award



A Beginner's Guide to Arduino

Women Who Code Hack and Tell

December 2016

Arduino isn't scary - a talk to encourage women into arduino from the point of view of a beginner

Hannah Gets Go-ing

WOOTConf miniconf at Linux Conf

January 2017

Learning Go through the medium of Arduino and Gobot - for an open source community audience.

Hannah Gets Go-ing

Girl Geek Dinners

February 2017

Learning Go through the medium of Arduino and Gobot - for a female tech audience.

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